Your employees probably don’t worry about their performance that much. When working with me 1:1, most stressed corporate folks care way more about other areas of their life. So how could you offer realvalue WHILE STILL helping your team to improve?

The people I work with actually manage to show up at work quite well, despite slipping into a little mistake or conflict here and there. There’s always room for improvement, but for most people, that’s not what actually disturbs their sleep.

Their need for change is urgent outside of the office, away from their desk.

Think about it: 

How would you rate your life quality, how much would you even like yourself,

– if you managed to deal with a difficult client, but easily lost patience with your kid?
– if you always proactively reduced friction in an important project, but couldn´t be bothered to listen to your partner?
– if you juggled multiple tasks at work, but then collapsed on the couch because you need Netflix and wine to decompress?
– if you managed a full day and even squeezed in the occasional gym, but didn’t have any space left for spontaneity, creativity and joy?

for a week?
for 2 months?
this being your life?

Workspace and private life have become inseparable, no matter what the calendar planned – even more in new work structures. As much as we borrow resources from our private life areas to perform well, over relatively short time we bring a sense of unfulfillment back to our worklife, subtly affecting how we are as leaders, employees and colleagues and even adding pressure – like compound interest. 

Having even less and less structured boundaries like the physical space and restricted work hours, but also on the informal side of identification and finding purpose in work, it is impossible to deal with stress only through time management tools, and even mindfulness and stress release exercises are insufficient.

Resilience is not a skill that helps one to manage the pressure at work, and it doesn’t end at the office door. It is part of compassionate self-leadership, the most important lifeskill that we could possibly learn. Compassionate self-leadership means to not be stuck on either side of functioning or collapsing, being productive or resting, pushing through or going with the flow. It means that we learn to constantly move and appropriately adapt to where on the range-in-between we want to be today, tomorrow, in 3 weeks and in a year. Balancing life doesn’t describe a state but instead means well-informed ongoing movement, and it touches every area and aspect of life. 

So if you are thinking about how to offer something of real, measurable value to your employees, in times when everyone fights for talents with the same old stuff that we already know works only on paper – how about helping them to learn how to make their life feel better? I guarantee, both you and they will notice a shift within weeks.

Let’s find out how we can make a difference for you.