Help your team being well
while performing excellence.

Vanessa Schulz

Coaching teams and individuals on
resilience and self-leadership

Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to empower your employees to understand and manage their capacities better?
  • You want to communicate a clear statement of appreciative and empowermentoriented leadership and create an attractive work-environment?
  • You see your employees being less focused, more irritable and less motivated, but there seems to be no reason and you don´t know how to help?
  • You see your employees dropping out overwhelmed into sickness, but they seemed to be managing well before?

How would your job feel different, if each person on your team had more "good days"?

How would it be...

… to bring these paper-statements about mental health into every day work life, and watch your employees become more engaged, creative, confident and collaborative?

… to create a work-environment in which young professionals can actually thrive find ways to meet a challenge and alongside that, maybe even find their greatest talents?

… if your employees could give you realistic feedback on task-fulfillment, knowing their capacities, so you can plan the team´s performance more reliable and take measures early if needed?

… to lead a team where people say that they enjoy coming to work, because within great performance there’s always space for a chat and a smile, for helping each other out, for staying human?

… if your employees would be able to transform their theoretical knowledge into a competence so deeply integrated that it feels almost intuitive to them after short time? 

With increased arousal, humans loose access to their best qualities.

here’s how to prevent it.


When our bodily systems are in a stressed state, we perceive less information of our surroundings and process this information with increased suspiciousness. This leads to less access to all the good skills we have: focus, empathy, creativity, collaboration, listening, networking, inspiring – you name it.

Each emotional and mental state has an individually specific body to it. How we are can be made visible as changes in alignment, tension, voice, breath etc. Once we establish this awareness, we can deliberately do something different to shift our way of being into a more relaxed state, allowing for a more appropriate or helpful response. This skill immediate self-regulation is called resilience, and it needs to be accompanied by individual strategies for later processing and integration work – most people would call that self-care.

Yet, isn´t that what most people think they do already, shortly before they call in sick or even collapse?

To really estimate and budget our capacity, we need to measure from a place that still has some tolerance – our normal should be at least a half-full tank. Yet, today´s normal from all sorts of accumulated stress is to constantly be running on the edge of the last few liters, just to make it from weekend to weekend. This is not only a risk of collapse when life brings intense news, it is also draining and leads to disconnection from meaning and joy in life. You may guess the impact on work performance and team-experience. 

What you get:

One size does not fit all. But principles usually do, and they allow for enough adjustment to design a training specifically for your workspace. These are the core principles of every successful program on resilience and self-leadership, where the new competences are integrated deeply, beyond understanding and good intentions:

 A 4-month-program of actively experienced and integrated learning:
2 in-person-trainings, individual assessment of learning paths and a weekly 20 minutes invest in an online Skill-Gym to ensure transfer to relevant contexts

  • Working with the body to establish alternative responses in the nervous system and make them habitually
  • Developing awareness, resilience and an individual self-care-system
  • Integrating measures to ensure sustainability
  • Honoring the individual experience within a supportive group-setting
  • Flexible structure to meet changing workload and capacity

Who am I?

„Nothing is more empowering to a human being than being able to choose how they want to show up. Hardly anyone knows how to do it.“
It´s time to make some noise.


CEO, aspiring Founder, Sales Manager and Teamlead in small businesses, systems and VC-Start-Ups. Also highly functioning depressive, seasoned with panic attacks and the absolute inability to recognize when to stop pushing myself.

Leaving conventional work and life structures, learning about embodiment, the nervous system and psychology of stress. Finding extraordinary teachers and dedicating my life to teach this one thing that actually makes a difference: coming home to the body.

Returned to Germany after 5 years of travel and growth, ready to change how most modern business dynamics inherently jeopardize their employees´ mental health.